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Hi there, I'm Dr. Debra


For more than three decades, I have been immersed in the world of nutrition and herbal medicine, carving a profound journey that has spanned over 30 years. I am not just a practitioner; I am a fervent problem-solver who thrives on deciphering the intricacies of health and wellness. My heartbeat resonates with the rhythm of the latest nutrition research, particularly the captivating dance of nutrigenomics. I am that unapologetic enthusiast who unabashedly "geeks-out" over pioneering practices within the sphere of natural medicine, those leading-edge revelations that hold the promise of a healthier, more vibrant life.

My mission is clear: to stand beside motivated individuals who harbor a fire within, an unyielding inspiration to elevate their health and embrace wellness in its purest form.



Integrative "soul"utions to help you live an inspired, vibrant, compassionate, and joyful life.

"The world needs our examples of inspired living. Your best life is not only about looking and feeling awesome, it’s about inspiring others around you to realize their own personal best. When one of us decides to truly step up and 'own' our life from the inside out, everyone around us is elevated."

- Dr. Debra Rouse

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