Keeping the Immune System Strong with DMG

One of my favorite supplements for Immune Support right now is the Chewable Immuno-DMG by DaVinci Labs. Four of the featured ingredients of this product includes DMG (Di Methylglycine), Elderberry, Maitake Mushroom and Beta-1, 3 Glucan. The chewable tablet also contains vitamins C, D3, and the mineral zinc plus astragalus, and Larch tree (Larix), all of which help support the immune system. The capsule version omits the Elderberry, vitamins, and astragalus but delivers a higher dose of DMG at 300 milligrams per tablet.

If you are in the Evergreen area, you can call the office to see if we have Immuno-DMG in stock. Or you can take advantage of 15% off retail at Natural Partners and search for Immuno-DMG. Don't forget to use code "eatkale" to receive the discount.


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