Clean Your Feed, Feed Your Mind, Cleanse Your Soul

Are you tired of scrolling through social media only to make you feel less than, or not enough? It's time to clean your feed. Unfollow those that make you feel that way. Better yet, why not take a social media fast as one of your 2020 intentions?

I have a few better (in my humble opinion) ideas for how to spend your "idle" time and that starts with my short recommended reading list for the first quarter of the year. These are books that hopefully will uplift and inspire you to make the best of what you are and what you have - because you ARE and you HAVE a lot! By the way, these aren't necessarily the latest and greatest, but they are well worth a read or reread. Mostly nonfiction, of course. Not that I have anything against fiction.

Here's the short list:

1. The Choice: Embrace the Possible

by Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Favorite Quote: "It is our responsibility to act in service to our authentic selves."

2. The Universe Has Your Back

by Gabrielle Bernstein: Transform Fear to Faith

Favorite Quote: "Your presence is your power."

3. Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts

by Brené Brown

Favorite Quote: "Choose courage over comfort.”

4. Shantaram: A Novel 

by Gregory David Roberts

Favorite Quote: “every human heartbeat is a universe of possibilities.”

What else can you do with your free time?

- Take a nap

- Do a crossword puzzle

- Create a meal from a new recipe

- Pre-chop some vegetables for your next meal

- Write a letter to a friend

- Journal

- Knit

If you really have a lot of extra time to scroll online then find a cause that calls to you and volunteer your time and energy towards something meaningful.


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