5 Reasons to Pick Up the Pace

As a woman of shorter than average legs, it has always felt like I have to walk twice as fast just to keep up with my peers. Over the years it has become almost a joke as my friends have noticed my short little legs working that much harder. Though I may have slowed down in more recent years, I am proud to say I remain a fast walker. My daughters inherited the fast pace trait and now I'm glad they did.

Here's what some of the latest research is showing:

1. Fast walkers have decreased signs of aging based on a 19-measure scale, compared to slower walkers. Researchers looked at nearly one thousand 45-year olds, and slow walkers were shown to have signs of "accelerated aging."

2. In this same study, the fast walkers had better lungs, teeth, and stronger immune systems.

3. Slower walkers in their 70s and 80s die earlier than their fast-walking counterparts.

4. Fast walkers look younger than their slow walking peers.

5. Fast walkers showed improved cognitive function on brain MRIs compared to slow walkers.

What's cool about this latest research, is that it is not about increased metabolism. It is about looking, feeling, thinking, living, and breathing longer and stronger. So pick up the pace (gradually) and your genes will thank you.


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