Eat. Think. Move. Thrive.


Forget the fad diets — integrate mindfulness, eating with intention, and interval-based movement to help you live an inspired, healthier, and longer life.

smtiltedbookIn Think Eat Move Thrive, Co-authors Dr. James Rouse and Dr. Debra Rouse offer a simple piece of advice that goes a long way: stop looking at your habits and body as obstacles and start looking within.


cofitkitiltedColorado Fit Kitchen is filled with inspired recipes for mind, body, beauty and optimum wellness.


Naturopathic Doctor

I’ve now been involved with nutrition and herbal medicine in some capacity for over 30 years and integrative and functional medicine for over 20 years. I “geek-out” over nutrition research and the latest scientific discoveries in natural medicine. My current clinical practice consists of preventive naturopathic primary care, lifestyle medicine and a holistic approach to treating each patient. I typically work with men and women ages 8 to 88 on a wide range of concerns, providing a holistic and individualized approach to treatment and health optimization, healthy aging, and healing. Though I no longer work in Naturopathic Obstetrics, I have delivered babies and continue to support women through transitional times including infertility, perimenopause, and menopause.


Ruckus Maker

Ruckus makers use every moment of their waking day as an opportunity to leave a legacy. They don’t settle for average. They listen. They ask questions. They act. They serve. They stir things up.


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